Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, Hand Drawn Maps, the Artist, reserves the sole right as the creator to retain copyright of the artwork. You, the Client, may use the artwork only for the stated purpose(s) to be determined at point of sale, and may not resell the artwork.

If the Client wishes to own copyright of the artwork and / or intend to resell the artwork, please make this known before point of sale, so that this can be taken into account for purposes of pricing and agreeing terms of use.

If the Client requires ownership of copyright, as standard, copyright will be released under the following conditions:

The final artwork must not be altered in any way, or if the Client requires future alterations, these must not be undertaken without express permission of the artist. If the Client wishes to make any amendments to the artwork they will first give the Artist the exclusive opportunity to make such amendments in return for payment at her normal hourly rate.
The artwork must not be resold without first reaching a licence agreement, and both parties must come to a mutual decision regarding royalties per unit sold, before any sales are made.
The Client will ensure that the Artist is credited as follows in legible print on each copy of the artwork or part thereof which the Client publishes or issues or communicates to the public:
The Artist is granted a perpetual licence to use the Map for her own promotional purposes including by displaying it on her website or in other promotional material (such as press releases and social media). In this case the artwork will be embedded with code to protect them from actual theft.
If you, the client, require any further changes to the terms and conditions as stated above, please indicate your terms before deposit payment.