Hand Drawn Maps

Whether you are looking for a unique hand-drawn map, a new brand identity or beautiful illustration, you can find it all here.

Hand Drawn Maps are full of personality and have a huge range of uses. I have created maps for locations all over the world, from Kaieteur National Park in Guyana to Trossachs National Park in Perthshire Scotland, NYC to London, Paradise Island in the Bahamas to the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides…and everwhere in between.

Previous clients include Lord Rothschild, National Trust, Norfolk County Council, Bude Tourist Information, Fitzwest Neighbourhood Forum and South West Highways. I have even mapped a British woodland site for the cast and crew of a Hollywood blockbuster whilst they filmed on location!

I provide a fully bespoke service and offer a diverse portfolio, liaising closely with clients to ensure each design is tailor made to fit with your brand and aesthetic.

Please take a look around, and if you like what you see I look forward to hearing about your project!

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Each project is priced individually according to the brief.

The main factors that are taken into consideration when pricing a job are:

  • Artwork size
  • Scale of the area
  • Illustrative detail i.e. how many locations to be drawn
  • Amount of colour

As a rough guide to pricing, generally a project will fall into one of three categories.

1: SIMPLE – range from £200 to £400
– Small maps up to A5, showing one main location and local context

2: CLASSIC – range from £400 – £800
Suitable for more complex maps covering a large urban area or very rural.
Up to A4 size, and up to 8 locations (including local landmarks, nearby train stations etc…)

3: DELUXE – from £800 upwards
Suitable for large, complex, highly detailed work, or very large maps.

Price guide is for design only. Printing and framing available upon request, including large format, leaflets, vinyl wall prints and letterpress.

Logo design starts at £150


Depending on the scope of the project, the design time can be anywhere between 5 -12 weeks. I aim to accommodate your deadline if you have one, but advise you to place your order as far in advance as possible, as there is often a waiting list. If you are looking for a quick turnaround I can sometimes accommodate fast track orders, which will reduce the waiting time, for an additional fee of £150.


To receive an accurate quote for your map job please provide the following information:

  • The area you want covering and / or map boundaries
  • A comprehensive list of specific points of interest, landmarks, venues and / or activities you would like to be illustrated
  • General level of detail required and/or main purpose of the map
  • Aesthetics – your preferred design style, including any map examples that you particularly like.
  • Specific dimensions and preferred orientation (if applicable)
  • Any specific labelling or annotation you want to include (other than road names) i.e. if you would like buildings, walking route or parks labelled, or wish to include a title, logo or body of text
  • Any other information and visual aids, inspiration or research you feel could be important or useful


Deposit payment (25% of total fee) required upfront as confirmation of your order.

Balance due before delivery of finished artwork, once you are totally happy with the design and have signed off the final proof. In exceptional circumstances or fast track orders we will release the finished artwork before final payment has been received. In this instance payment is due within 14 days of delivery of the final artwork.


If you do not have particular dimensions or a size/shape in mind for your map, I will make a decision on composition based on the lay of the land and the best use of space.

Once drawn, a map can be scaled up and down to different sizes, but changing the dimensions, i.e. from square to rectangle, is difficult and usually means a partial or complete re-drawing of the map, which will be charged as an addition to your initial quote.


The design fee includes one main set of amendments after you have seen the first draft, and a final opportunity for small tweaks before signing off the on-screen proof. On bigger projects there is usually another round of amendments in the planning stage to make sure the drawing is heading in the right direction.

If the amendments are unreasonable, for example a significant amount of redrawing is needed, or the brief is changed after the map has been drawn in pen, an additional fee will be charged at the hourly rate of £25.

Adding a large amount of additional locations after the first draft has been drawn may also incur a redesign fee.


All ink drawings are scanned and saved as an uncompressed TIFF file (at 300dpi) and the resolution is not reduced at any time throughout the design process.
300dpi is the industry standard and will provide high quality prints. If you require a higher resolution than this please inform us at the beginning of the process.

Drafts are sent electronically as a watermarked jpg, and the final files are supplied to the correct size in several formats:

  • High resolution jpg
  • PDF
  • PDF with crop and bleed

If you need any other file formats please let us know.

Please note: Due to the hand drawn nature of our artwork, your files will not behave in the same way as a graphic or vector file in terms of how they scale. We draw maps to scale or just slightly larger than the final required size, and the ink lines have a distinct and unique ‘hand-drawn’ quality to them. The resulting digital files can be reduced or enlarged in size to a good degree, for example an A3 drawing will print out well and produce a high quality result at A1 size, but the larger you increase the size, the fuzzier the line quality will become. If you need a vector file, or any other final file formats, please inform us so we can discuss options.


Unless otherwise stated, I, the artist, reserve the right as creator to retain copyright of the artwork. You, the Client, may use the artwork only for the stated purpose(s) to be determined at point of sale, and may not resell the artwork.

If you wish to reproduce, profit from or alter the artwork in anyway, please seek permission before doing so. If you require any special copyright permission, please indicate your terms before deposit payment so that a suitable agreement can be reached.

See full T&C’s for more information.